Legislative Updates

PHCC of NC Went Back to Washington, DC in 2016!!

This year representatives of our association joined a large contingent of other PHCC Members in heading to Capitol Hill for the annual PHCC Legislative Conference, to “tell Congress our story”.  As always, this group worked together to engage Congress on a number of issues.   We understand that the response from Members of Congress and Congressional staff has been overwhelming…the phones at PHCC National haven’t stopped ringing!

The conference allows contractors and affiliated associates from across the country an opportunity to hear what is taking place on the Legislative front and to meet with their local Legislators.  It can be a life-changing experience, that can also make a difference.   Here are some highlights from this year’s trip, as observed by a few of the PHCC of North Carolina members who were in attendance.

Jennifer Warren,  Warren-Hay Mechanical of Hillsborough:

I enjoyed spending last week in our nations Capitol advocating for the industry that I love. Highlights of the week include: hearing Senator Johnny Isakson from Georgia speak at our Legislative breakfast and a quick visit with Senator Burr from the great state of North Carolina – These two men remind me why I love the USA.  Please everyone get educated on all candidates for the upcoming election and GO VOTE!!!  We CAN make a difference, if we all try together.
We Styers, Gastonia Plumbing & Heating of Gastonia, NC:
The message from the congressman from Texas was perfectly clear… “Foster your relationship with your representative at home,  but come to Washington to remind them that you are there.”  Events like the legislative day are critical to the success of our businesses.
John Hicks, Griffin Heating and Air Conditioning of Statesville:
This year made my 5th trip to Washington for the PHCC legislative conference.  We talked to our members of congress and their staff who know us, say they understand our situation as small businesses providing an invaluable service, and who want to use us as a resource whenever possible.  We are building relationships and connections with these lawmakers that control our fate to a large degree.  Unfortunately, they are so busy in Washington, that we end up talking to their staff more than to them directly.
I suggest that the real work needs to be done back home when they aren’t distracted by the DC whirlwind.  I plan to visit my congressman and senators at least twice this year here in North Carolina in addition to making the trip to DC.  I believe this is something every member of PHCCNC should do whether they are interested in politics or just plain tired of seeing what our representatives are deciding for us without hearing our side of the story.  The trip to Washington has allowed me to meet and get to know these folks that I assumed were beyond my reach.  I now feel that not only can I talk to them, but it’s my duty to help keep them informed and aware that we are watching and stand ready to help or put them in their place as needed.
Where else in the world can a tiny business owner have a meeting with and speak freely with the people that speak for us in congress.  GOD bless AMERICA!
Joel Long, GSM Services of Gastonia:
This yearly PHCC legislative trip has become very important to me. We must always remember that government is going to be involved in our business and it’s our business to be Involved in our government. As citizens, we have a duty to be involved in our government so that we can help build a better future. 

Jim Pendergrass, PHCC of NC Executive Director:

This year made my 5th visit to the halls of Congress as part of the PHCC Legislative Conference.  I must confess that 5 years ago, I was not looking forward to going . . . DC is not exactly my cup of tea . . . and I was anticipating having to return to the hotel each day and shower to wash away the “political b.s.”.  What I found was somehow different, and in ways comforting to see my fears confirmed.  There IS a lot of “political b.s” to have to deal with, but there are also a few stalwart defenders of the American way, our Constitution, and common decency to give me an inkling of hope.  This year was much the same, but with a new twist from those who are trying.  Numerous times, we heard the same refrain, that went something like this . . . “often we find ourselves making decisions that turn out to be bad ones, not out of intent, but out of ignorance.  We simply don’t know, and haven’t heard from the people who are affected to have the information and knowledge we need to make better decisions.  We need you here.  Thank You for taking the time, and making the effort, to come to Washington and meet with us.”  I would implore and challenge all of our contractor members in particular to do just that . . . take the time, and make the effort . . . to go to the Legislative Conference and add your voice to the ones they need to hear.

Make plans now to attend the 2017 event.   Come with us, and then add your observations to this list!!